Friday, June 23, 2006


Is it me or is Big Ben starting to topple over? Judging by the cunts in the building it's attached to, maybe it's suffering from being the leaning-tower-of-piss-take.
I took this picture taking a friend from the USA around London this week.
Which was very nice.
Only one complaint.
Many of Britain's art galleries and museums manage to offer free entry, or entry with a non-compulsory suggested donation.
However, as soon as God got involved we were asked to dig deep. A visit to St Pauls cost us £9 each (that's about $17 each) and we decided against parting with even more (£10 each) to look inside Westminster Abbey.
No wonder church attendances are so low...

June 20th: Conservative Leader David Cameron tells the world to "big-up Asda" because of flexible working and great staff relations

June 22nd: Asda workers vote for strike action over pay and conditions at the stores (owned by Walmart) by almost 4 to 1.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Baboons at Knowsley safari park on Merseyside have built up a huge collection of England flags nicked from visitors' cars flying the flag in support of the team trying to win the World Cup in Germany.


News that Tony Blair has ordered a Boeing 737 and executive jet to fly around the world is likely to receive criticism from opposition leader David Cameron.
Blair is unlikely to use the new jets much since they will not enter service until 2008 - and he's off before the next election due around 2009/2010.
However, Cameron, who likes to be portrayed as some kind of executive green warrior, is likely to attack the move which could add to damage to the ozone layer.
Judging by Cameron's bike-riding enviromental effort (where he has a people-carrier driven behind him every day by an aide to carry his shoes and papers) expect him to demand a glider as the premiere's airbourne vehicle-of-choice.
Followed, of course, by six jumbo jets and a squadron of Harrier fighters to carry his ego.

Advertisement: VACANCY

A rare opportunity to work in unusual surroundings for a top-notch legal expert. In fact, even if you're a bit average, why don't you try and blag it.
The successful candidate for this high profile role will have the following qualities:
* The ability to dodge bullets
* A mistrust of anyone in uniform
* Look good on camera
* A love of dictators
* A short memory
* A death wish
* The ability to cope with clients losing weight
* A desire to never work in the U.S.A.
Previous applicants should apply, as we're running a bit short of candidates.
Applications by email to:

Monday, June 19, 2006

English Ranter makes a few lines in The Observer newspaper (after Kate makes a few lines in a club)

English Ranter made this weekend's Review section of The Observer newspaper... thank you for letting me know Arty Smokes, as I'd not even looked!


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